Day Trade The World™ proudly announces the release of the new redesigned website which offers quick and easy access to essential information on day trading and opening up a trading floor. The new website is part of company’s ongoing effort to enhance the quality and availability of information to traders and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Along with a more contemporary design, changes have been made to the site-wide navigation to help users find the information they need faster. The website offers new features that offer rich content including How You Make MoneyTMS™,  24/7 Support Page and P8 Cube .

The new website includes the following enhancements & Features:

How You Make Money explains all the necessary steps to open up a Trading Floor.

Find out how Day Trade The World™ helps you in the new 24/7 support page

P8 Cube™ which is the is the world’s most advanced system to access the stock markets worldwide

TMS™ is the innovative stock and future exchange simulator that you can use to practice day trading without losing a single dollar.

Improved Structure and Navigation: The site has been redesigned for an improved spacious layout, including an intuitive navigation with a more standardized menu structure.

About Day Trade The World™

Day Trading is Perfected at Day Trade The World™ Day Trade The World™ has been growing at an unbelievable pace after it acquired Day Trading Legend Swift Trade in 2011. Day Trade The World™ has also maintained Swift’s famous  HYPERLINK “” \o “Free Day Trading Software” PPRO8 trading software that is, bar none, the best in the industry, giving access to more stock markets than any of its competitors.

During its long history, over 20,000 people traded with Swift Trade on trading floors in 41 countries. In addition to accessing   stock markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas, SwiftTraders have traded on  futures markets.


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