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Tolga Tavlas recently launched a book called “DIGITAL BANKING TIPS” that will provide tips on how to implement or improve digital banking services to bankers as well as professionals who either offer services to a financial institutions or wants to learn about digital banking.

In this book the author gave quick execution guide to make you a superman on achieving the desired result, by using practical, easy to use, and funny tips that can be applied by everyone under any conditions to explain how implementation of digital banking services should go. Giving the reader a fun and easy to read manual to not only understand the changing nature of banking but also to learn how to respond to this changes. These tips are to the point and very applicable in the current banking landscape.

He used unique real life banking scenarios in explaining how financial institutions can increase security, growth and revenue as well as landscape by giving tips that will help any baby achieve results in these areas leading to the reason why many professionals all over the world have shared his book on from his blog at Finextra and fine-tuned it in light of reader’s feedback.

Through Digital Banking Tips, professionals whom their financial institution is already offering online and mobile services will gain excellent and funny examples on how to improve customer retention, maximize profit, and also increase security. Tolga Tavlas with his international banking experience brought a broad perspective that will provide valuable insight on how to apply this using little resource and budget wherever you may be in your journey toward digital banking.

The author has seventeen years of expertise as an executive in Conceiving and Implementing Internet and Mobile solutions to elevate brand image, maximize online security, generate Revenues and provide cost-effective migration to digital transaction channels. He has been acknowledged throughout his career as a customer-centric, analytical leader and trouble-shooter.

The book is on sale at Amazon, the author’s mail address is: [email protected]


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